10 Year Leaseback Guarantee on Selected Properties

Upon purchasing investment property from Wilson Realty, you have an option to take a 10 year Leaseback Guarantee. No need to worry about securing a tenant, the risk of them leaving, or the stress of managing your investment, all of this is taken care of, just sit back relax and enjoy the benefits of your investment!

The 10 Year Leaseback Guarantee is ideal for any investor who likes the security of ongoing rent through a rental guarantee, you are guaranteed a tenant for 52 weeks a year for 10 years even if the property is not tenanted you will receive rent.

The rental income is guaranteed for that period, and the “GUARANTEE” is managed and backed by Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) via the JDT- Trust (JDT), which is administered independently by (JLT).

The 10 Year Leaseback Guarantee  will continue to pay your rent even if:
1        There is a vacancy during the 10 Years of the Lease.
2        The tenant is late in paying their rent.
3        The tenant cannot pay the rent for any reason.
4        A new tenant is being sourced between tenancies.
5        Leaseback Guarantee incorporates Landlords Cover Insurance (Building and Landlords Protection Insurance) This Insurance is designed specifically to meet property investor’s requirements and is underwritten by QBE Insurance.
6        The cost to participate in the Leaseback is an additional management fee of 5% of the gross rental income per week (plus GST), fixed for the term of the lease.

"In excess of 3,000 investors have taken advantage of the benefits derived from the  10 Year Leaseback since its inception in 1998 with no loss of rental income"

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact me.


Alan Wilson
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